Technique 1: Discover Your G-Spot



Most women have heard the term “G-Spot” but many women don’t even know where it is located.

That’s where Technique 1 shines. In this exercise, you will not only learn where to find the G-spot but also what it feels like and when you can most easily find it!



Audio guide

An audio guide exists for this technique.  Instruction begins after your first orgasm.  The guide takes about 3 minutes to go through after your first orgasm.  The audio guide can be a quick means to learn the technique.

Prerequisite technique 



This technique involves masturbating.  Clothes need to be off for this and all remaining techniques.

The technique leads to locating your G-spot.


  1. Prepare to arouse yourself.  Since you will later be easing a finger into your vagina, you may need to wash your hands and trim your fingernails.
  2. Arouse yourself to orgasm.  You may masturbate or use the warm up exercise to arouse yourself.  If you  practice syntribation, you may use that method instead.
  3. As soon after the peak of your orgasm as you can, move your index finger inside your vagina with your palm facing your body
  4. Slide your finger tip from one inch to three inches (3 to 8 centimeters) along the wall of your vagina nearest your belly button (anterior vaginal wall).  
  5. Feel for an area or patch of tissue with the following characteristics:
    1. About one inch (two and a half centimeters) in diameter
    2. Raised above the surrounding tissue
    3. Spongier than the surrounding tissue
    4. Ribbed or textured 
    5. Slightly pleasurable to your touch


Locating your G-spot is easiest when you are experiencing a high level of arousal.   Since orgasm is a very high level of arousal, locate your G-spot immediately after the peak of your orgasm or as soon after as you can.


Locate your G-spot on your own once more before moving on to the next technique.


After this technique, you are ready for the next technique: “Discover Multiple G-spot Orgasms”

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