Overlapping Orgasms Technique

Have you ever had an orgasm that made you think… is that all there is? Twenty seconds of pleasure (if that) for a half hour or more of work? Sure, sex is a great workout, and you get all those good endorphins, but wouldn’t you like to experience multiple orgasms?

Welcome to your personal gateway to more satisfying orgasms. Our first technique, shared below, will walk you through how to have overlapping orgasms. Each phase is designed to deepen your enjoyment of sensuality and intimacy. Imagine savoring these practices, exploring your body, and enhancing your personal sexual pleasure.

Think of this journey as your special adventure. It’s a path to explore at your pace, discovering the joy of these sensual pleasure techniques. Allow yourself to embrace and integrate these practices into your life. They can change your intimate experiences in ways you may have never imagined.

Your privacy, comfort, and personal journey are our top priorities. We treat every question with the highest level of discretion and respect. This experience is all about you and for you.

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Understanding The Fundamentals Of the Overlapping Orgasm Technique



When we get a surge of pleasure, we tend to hold our breath or breathe in a shallow pattern. This can make you light-headed or breathless, shortening the orgasmic experience.

Our techniques help you increase the length of your orgasm to two minutes or longer. Who can hold their breath that long? When you feel yourself tighten up, exhale to release that tension. Maintain a smooth, steady breathing rhythm.

The Powerhouse: G-Spot

Most of us learn to have masturbation orgasms using our clitoris. We quickly find out that the clitoris can get overstimulated, causing discomfort and, sometimes, pain. In fact, continual clitoral stimulation can reduce the number of orgasms you can have at a time.

Our techniques, however, focus on multiple or overlapping orgasms by manipulating your G-Spot. Unlike the clitoris, the G-Spot doesn’t get too sensitive to touch. Because it’s less sensitive, you can continue to stimulate your G-Spot and orgasm without stopping.

Letting Go

For some women, it’s difficult to masturbate in front of others. For others, it’s difficult to masturbate at all. When your body is tense because of external or emotional turmoil, it becomes harder to achieve pleasure.

Our techniques are designed so you can revisit each step. If self-love is a joy, embrace the steps of each technique and move on to higher pleasure. If it’s a struggle, practice each step – with or without a partner – in a place that makes you feel most comfortable.

True enjoyment and higher pleasure come when you can let go of the turmoil and focus completely on the way your body feels.

The Sequences

Phase 1  –  Phase 2  –  Phase 3

Phase I: Comfortable Sensations (EMBER)

EMBER enhances your comfort and safety during masturbation by focusing on the following steps:

E= Empty Your Bladder

Before starting, make sure you empty your bladder. This helps eliminate distractions or concerns about using the restroom during your intimate time. You want to be fully present and focused on your pleasure.

M = Maintain Your Momentum

You may have the instinct to stop and rest after experiencing your first orgasm. Instead, continue to play with yourself. Explore and caress your G-spot with your fingers or dildo if you have one. If you have sensitive nipples, feel free to explore this area as well. The key is to stay connected to your body’s desires and respond to them.

B = Breathe

As we mentioned above, pay close attention to your breath. Practice mindful breathing instead of holding your breath or breathing shallowly when pleasure intensifies. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly, allowing your breath to flow steadily and easily. This can help you stay grounded and avoid feeling light-headed.

E = Enjoy

Find a comfortable and relaxed position to begin your self-pleasure journey. Make sure your body is fully supported and you feel at ease. Consider propping up pillows or cushions to create a cozy space where you can fully relax, enjoy the sensations, and let go.

R = Rejuvenate

While masturbating, explore different erogenous zones, including your G-spot. During your initial clitoral orgasm, shift your focus from the clitoris to your G-spot. If you have a dildo, you can use it to gently stimulate your G-spot. Remember that every woman’s body is unique. Take your time to discover what feels best for you.

EMBER encourages you to celebrate your desires and prioritize your pleasure. Safety, comfort, and self-expression are essential to a satisfying and empowering experience. Always choose techniques that align with your preferences and comfort level.

Phase 2: Embracing Pleasure (SHAPE)

In SHAPE, the emphasis remains on embracing the natural flow of pleasure while respecting your comfort and safety. Whether you choose G-spot stimulation, pubic hair brushing, or nipple play, your self-care and well-being are most important. Continue to explore and discover what brings you the most satisfaction during this journey of self-pleasure.

S = Shortening Intervals

Embrace the natural progression of pleasure as the intervals between orgasms continue to shorten. This signifies your body’s responsiveness and its desire for increased sensations.

H = Heightened Sensation

As your orgasms increase, it’s normal to feel intense heat throughout your body. Again, you may feel the need to pause. Instead, take a deep breath in and then out and welcome the sensations. If you find the intensity of the orgasms is too much, remember that your comfort is the most important concern. You may need to build up to the point that you can handle the strength of the sensations.

A = Attentive Awareness

A woman’s ability to orgasm is often tied to emotion and depth of feeling. Freeing your mind from life’s challenges can be difficult, inhibiting your self-play.

Allow yourself to shift your awareness from external stimulations to internal feelings. How does your body feel right now? As you go through this technique, be aware of the changes in sensitivity, arousal, and pleasure. This awareness helps adapt the technique to what feels best for you at any given moment, ensuring a more fulfilling and comfortable experience.

P = Personalized Stimulation

While one hand remains dedicated to pressing against your G-Spot, feel free to personalize your stimulation technique based on your comfort level. If pressing your G-spot becomes too intense, you can gently pull or brush your pubic hair instead. If pubic hair stimulation also feels overwhelming, consider pinching, twisting, and tugging on your nipples as a soothing alternative.

E = Ease Off and Breathe

When your orgasms start to overlap, and the intensity becomes overwhelming, ease off the pressure on your chosen stimulation point. Take a deep, calming breath to center yourself and reduce the overwhelming sensation. This moment of pause allows you to regain control over the intensity of pleasure, ensuring it remains a deeply enjoyable experience.

Phase 3: Fulfillment and Self-Care (LAST)

In LAST, it’s vital to prioritize your emotional and physical safety, treat yourself with tenderness, and cherish your journey. In this concluding phase, we emphasize a sense of fulfillment, self-awareness, and the importance of self-care throughout your intimate exploration. The acronym LAST represents the elements of this phase:

L = Listen to Your Body

Above all, listen attentively to your body’s signals. Pay close attention to what brings you the most pleasure and how your body responds. Your body’s cues are your most reliable guide during this journey. 

A = Allow the Release

Allow yourself to fully surrender to the sensations and orgasms. It’s natural to have moments of vulnerability and intensity. Remind yourself that releasing and embracing the pleasure without reservation is okay. 

S = Self-Compassion

Self-pleasure is an act of self-love and self-discovery. Be kind and patient with yourself. If having an orgasm is difficult for you, and you don’t experience overlapping orgasms the first (or first several) times, that’s okay.

Sometimes, the key is getting used to the intensity of the feelings. If you’ve never had an orgasm or never had a strong orgasm, you may experience an outflowing of emotion. This is normal. Give yourself space to react naturally. 

T = Time for Aftercare

After your session of self-pleasure, take the time for aftercare. This involves gentle self-soothing and self-nurturing. Consider a warm bath, a comforting cup of tea, or a moment of reflection to process your feelings and experiences. Aftercare ensures a soft landing from the intense pleasure and maintains your emotional well-being.

You’ve completed the first technique offered by the Secrets of Sensual Sex. Remember, masturbation is an opportunity for profound self-discovery and self-care, so embrace it with confidence and love for yourself. Your comfort and well-being are paramount throughout this beautiful and intimate exploration.

Missing Out on that "O, my?"

You aren't alone. Women often miss out on the "O" factor in sex.


are unable to orgasm from intercourse alone


have infrequent orgasms


have never had an orgasm


I had no idea my body could feel so good.


My orgasm tonight was very very long…I've never had an orgasm that long before, not close.


It feels like the way my body is supposed to work.


My orgasms have become more amazing than I could have imagined possible.


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