Welcome to the Secrets of Sensual Sex course

The first lesson enables you to experience Overlapping Orgasms (OO) and Massive Clitoral Orgasms (MCO). The lesson is divided into six techniques including an optional warmup:

Optional Warmup

  • Technique 1: Discover Your G-spot
  • Technique 2: Discover Multiple G-Spot Orgasms
  • Technique 3: Discover Back to Back G-Spot Orgasms
  • Technique 4: Discover Overlapping Orgasms (“OO”)
  • Technique 5: Discover Never-Ending G-Spot Orgasms
  • Technique 6: Discover Massive Clitoral Orgasms

Don’t worry. Each technique focuses on making sure you learn at your own pace, in your own private space. You’ll have a kind, but non-human guide, whose virtual name is Riley, to help you with each technique. The only human involved, however, will be you, unless you decide to invite your own special friend to join you.

So relax, maybe set the mood a little with some dim lights and sensual music, and get ready to experience orgasms in ways you’ve never known were possible.

Ready? Let’s go!