Technique 6: Discover Massive Clitoral Orgasms

This technique will turn the clitoral orgasms we all know and love into what we call MCOs – or MASSIVE clitoral orgasms.  

If you’d love stronger, more intense clitoral orgasms, this is the technique for you.



Audio guide

An audio guide exists for this technique.  Instruction begins after you have given yourself overlapping orgasms.  There are approximately six minutes of audio not including the introduction, and the recovery or lowering of arousal segments.  The audio guide can be a quick means to learn the technique.

Prerequisite technique

Technique 5, “Discover Never-Ending G-Spot Orgasms”

Other requirements for this technique

Though a dildo is recommended, there are no other requirements for this technique.    If you already have a dildo that you use to stimulate your G-spot, you can use the dildo instead of fingers to press and rub your G-spot.   If you do not have a dildo and wish to purchase one, recommended dildos are listed on the website.  The recommended dildos are ones that are made specifically to apply pressure on one’s G-spot. Dildos are suggested since hands and fingers can get tired pressing and rubbing one’s G-spot.  Recommended dildos have a weight to them that makes stimulating one’s G-spot less tiring.


This technique involves masturbating.  Clothes need to be off for this technique.

This technique leads to experiencing a massive clitoral orgasms (“MCO”).   MCOs tend to be much stronger in intensity than clitoral orgasms you have experienced previously.   MCOs provide a greater release from pent-up sexual energy than a regular clitoral orgasm.   After a session of OO, one or more MCOs is a good way to end a masturbation session.  


  1. Pee before you start the technique.
  2. Get your dildo, if you have one, and use it to stimulate your G-spot.
  3. Masturbate and/or use the warm-up exercise to arouse yourself to orgasm, and then to overlapping G-spot orgasms.  Continue with overlapping orgasms for about five minutes or until your clitoris feels very “needy”.
  4. Stop touching your G-spot.  Lower your arousal until you are not orgasming any longer.
  5. Stimulate your clitoris and give yourself a clitoral orgasm.
  6. Without pausing, continue to stimulate your clitoris, and give yourself orgasm after clitoral orgasm. 
  7. You will feel a tension building in your abdomen.  The tension is not relieved by your orgasms.
  8. At some point, you will experience a massive clitoral orgasm that relieves wholly or in part the tension that has been building.
  9. Lower your arousal and stop orgasming.  To lower your arousal, move your arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes, as needed, and take occasional deep breaths.
  10. As you masturbate, you may feel overwhelmed.  If this happens, reduce the pressure on your G-spot or stop masturbating entirely.  Take one or two deep breaths.  Feeling overwhelmed is often caused by not taking in enough oxygen.  When you are feeling OK again, resume masturbating your G-spot.  Focus on your breathing a bit more going forward.



  1. After a clitoral orgasm, your clitoris may often (or always) feel super sensitive, and too sensitive to touch.  But after you have given yourself several minutes of overlapping orgasms, your clitoris is not super sensitive.  Your clitoris welcomes continued stimulation after a clitoral orgasm.
  2. Be patient during this time when you experience orgasm after clitoral orgasm.  The building of sexual energy is occurring.  Have confidence that the MCO will occur.  It just takes time and the building up of the sexual energy.
  3. After your first MCO, you may experience a second MCO after a shorter period of time.  This is because, in part, you now know what to expect.  In subsequent masturbation sessions, MCOs may tend to take less time to occur.
  4. You may also find that your second MCO, and subsequent MCO, are even ‘larger’ than the first MCO you experience.  This is normal and natural.
  5. You may find you need two, three, or more MCO before the sexual tension you feel is completely released.   The longer you spend in OO, the more MCO you may need.
  6. Unlike OO, MCOs can be exhausting, and a bit of rest is indicated after each MCO.



  1. Masturbate at least twice (2x) a day, if possible.   Use the technique to experience MCO.  Experience at least two (2) MCOs during each masturbation session.   Practice the warm-up exercise from Technique 1 for 5 minutes (or until you experience orgasm) prior to starting your masturbation.  
  2. If you can yell, experiment with yelling loudly each time you orgasm.  You may find that yelling enhances your pleasure.



This technique is the last technique now available on the website.  Additional techniques will be announced in the newsletter and on the website.

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