What steps can you take right now to give your sex life a boost?   One step is to get to know your body better.  The female anatomy has both pleasure points and erogenous zones.  These can bring you incredible pleasure!  To find out how they bring you pleasure, you want to learn where they’re located and when to stimulate them.  And even those of us who know quite a bit about our bodies can learn new things that will enhance our sex lives greatly.

Let’s take a journey to these pleasure zones and see how each one adds to the thrill and joy of sexual arousal and fulfillment.

Introducing … Your Body

As you likely know, the female reproductive system is made up of many parts.  Each part plays an important role in sexual health and pleasure. Let’s talk about all the interesting internal and external body parts that turn us into such hot messes when touched just right.

People (and not just men!) often confuse the vulva with the vagina.  Sure, they both begin with ‘v,’ but they aren’t the same.  The vulva is the external part of your reproductive system. It includes the clitoris, and the lips or labia (majora and minora). The vulva also includes the opening to the vagina. The internal parts of your reproductive system include the inside of the vagina and the uterus.  Other internal parts are the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

We want to understand both the external and internal parts of the reproductive system. How do these parts contribute to sexual sensations and pleasure? How do they respond to touch, pressure, and movement? Your body is unique, and how your body responds to sensation is also unique. We’re all individuals with different nervous systems and responses.

If something mentioned either in this post or elsewhere on the site doesn’t work for you, don’t give up! It’s natural that not everything works or works in the same way for each of us.  This exploration is a way to open your mind and body to new possibilities.

To start our journey, all we need are our fingers, curiosity, and a mirror.

External Pleasure Points

First up on our journey are the labia or lips.  When unaroused, the lips cover and protect the clitoris and vaginal opening.   When aroused, the outer labia spread apart to reveal the clitoris and vaginal opening.   The spreading apart of the labia is often compared to the opening of a flower.  And like a flower, your labia and what is revealed underneath are beautiful.

Next up on our journey is the clitoris.  The best-known of our pleasure points, the clitoris is a powerhouse of sensitivity. This pleasure point is part of a huge network of thousands of nerve endings.  These nerve endings radiate pleasurable sensations throughout your body.   Because it is so responsive to touch, stimulating your clitoris can lead to intense sexual arousal and orgasm.

After a clitoral orgasm, you may find your clitoris too sensitive to touch for a while.   But this need not always be the case. Technique 4 (coming soon) guides you to where you experience clitoral orgasm after clitoral orgasm, with no rest in between.

The last stop on our journey of external parts is the perineum.  Often overlooked, the perineum is the sensitive skin between the vagina and the anus. This is another zone that can increase your excitement.  Try touching it both when you are aroused and unaroused.

You can touch, massage, and vibrate each of these areas to arouse yourself.   The result can be profoundly pleasurable, toe-curling, eyes rolled back in the head, orgasms. However, your mileage may vary.  We have varying levels of sensitivity in these zones, so it’s always best to start with slow, light pressure. Experiment with various levels of pressure and rhythm to discover what feels best to you.

Also, you may not feel pleasure from touching an area when you are unaroused.  But later, when aroused, you may touch the same area and find you do feel pleasure.

Internal Pleasure Zones

Have you ever heard anyone talking about how the G-spot doesn’t exist or they’ve never been able to find theirs? It’s like a mythical location only known by sex gurus and practitioners of the Kama Sutra. Well, and now you.

The G-spot exists. What’s more, there’s an A-spot.

The G-spot and A-spot are areas known for their potential to increase sexual pleasure and heighten orgasms. The G-spot is a slightly raised bumpy area on the upper wall (anterior) of the vagina.  This is the wall closest to your belly button.

The G-spot’s actual location is different for each woman, but it’s generally a few inches inside the vagina.  With your hand facing palm up toward your body, insert a finger and probe gently. You’ll feel a small, raised area about the size of your fingertip that has a rougher texture than the smoother walls around it.

The G-spot is most easily found immediately after the peak of an orgasm.  If you have had trouble finding your G-spot, try finding it then, right after your orgasm peaks.  It’s at that point that your G-spot stands up and says, “Here I am!”

Technique 2 (coming soon) guides you to locate your G-spot.  Technique 2 also guides you on how to rub and press your G-spot to experience overlapping orgasms.  A series of such nonstop, continuous orgasms is called “status orgasmus.”

The A-spot, about two inches deeper toward your cervix, is another pleasure zone. For most women, the A-spot doesn’t directly cause an orgasm. However, when stimulated, it can increase arousal and wetness, which makes the experience more pleasurable overall.

As with the G-spot, you may find it easier to find the A-spot right after the peak of an orgasm.  Then, touching deeper in your vagina than for the G-spot, you may more easily find this spot where it feels pleasurable to touch.

These pleasure points are very user-friendly. You can stimulate your A-spot and G-spot with your fingers, a partner’s penis or fingers, or sex toys. Of course, you want to experiment to find the best level of pressure for your maximum enjoyment. Luckily, the journey is most of the fun!

… Other

Do you see that there are many erogenous zones to discover and explore?  And beyond these well-known areas, there are still other erogenous zones.

Your breasts, neck, and ears, for example, can be incredibly sensitive to touch, kisses, and gentle bites. They can act as powerful conduits for sexual arousal. Other areas of the body are also sensitive to the touch. You have areas of arousal that include your lower abdomen, the inside of your wrists and thighs, behind the knees, and the small of your back.

Most can help you reach orgasm no matter what your sexual orientation. You can be alone or with a partner. However, some pleasure points are more likely to arouse you when a partner stimulates them. As you explore these zones, you can enhance your sexual experiences and add layers of pleasure to intimacy.

Tips for Exploring Your Own Anatomy

As you embark on your journey of self-discovery, be curious and open.  Make this journey in a safe, comfortable environment.   Use your fingers and a mirror to examine your anatomy.   This can be a wonderful time for you, learning about your body. When you know your body and what feels good to you, you are in a better place to talk with partners about what gives you pleasure. Such talks can lead to mutual understanding and respect for each other’s bodies. Here are three things to remember:

  • Sexual excitement is half a mental game for women.  Where you are emotionally plays a role in how well your body responds.  Where you are in your menstrual cycle can also play a role. Some women respond better the closer they are to their period or ovulation.  Others are the exact opposite.
  • Remember that this is a journey. If you’ve never taken the time to fully explore your body and listen to what it has to say, now is an excellent time to do so. Don’t worry about what you think you should feel; it’s all about learning and listening.
  • Be compassionate with yourself.  Many of us have an interior critic.   Now is not the time to let that critic loose!   Rather, now is the time to explore without judgment.  Letting go of expectations will make for a more fulfilling exploration of what brings you pleasure. Also, be open to experimenting with different types of touch, pressure, and toys.  Being open can reveal new dimensions of sexual satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

The female anatomy is a mystery and wonder. A slow journey over your body will uncover hidden pleasure points and erogenous zones. Each of these areas has the potential to increase your sexual pleasure and experience.

On your journey, you will learn more about your anatomy.  As you embrace what you learn, you take a powerful step towards more sexual fulfillment. Remember, this is a personal and ongoing process. Over time, this process promises new discoveries and deeper satisfaction as you learn more about what brings you pleasure.

Let curiosity and openness be your guides as you continue to explore and enjoy your body!