“A = Announce” is one of the elements in the first phase of the Basic Technique (“BT”).  By yelling “I DESERVE THIS PLEASURE!” or “I DESERVE!” or “DESERVE!”, we affirm our right to pleasure.  Many of us have difficulty accepting that we deserve the amount of pleasure that comes from overlapping orgasms. Yelling helps us accept this.


At some point, you will likely come to accept that you deserve the pleasure you are enjoying.  At that point, you might experiment with yelling something different, like “CUMMING!” or “FU*K!” or “I LOVE MY C*NT!”


Later, you may once again feel that you are not deserving of so much pleasure.  At that point, return again to yelling “I DESERVE!” or “DESERVE!”


In this way, you can tailor how you use the “A = Announce” element to your own needs at the moment.