about whether or not women can learn to experience overlapping orgasms or status orgasmus (“SO”)?

The short answer: Women can learn

An article by Ümit Sayin addresses this issue. In the article, the author states that women can learn to have overlapping orgasms or status orgasmus (“SO”).  (The author uses the term “ESR orgasms”.)

The experience of those who have used the Basic Technique (“BT”) bears this out.    One’s first experience using the BT often results in multiple orgasms, with one beginning shortly after the prior one ends.  During that first experience (or another session), orgasms tend to get even closer together, until they arrive back to back.  Back to back orgasms occur when one orgasm begins right when the prior one ends.

One’s first experience with the BT may result in those back to back orgasms starting to overlap.  And if it is not one’s first experience, it may be one’s second or third experience with the BT.

In such a way, through repeated experiences with the BT, we woman can learn to experience, and enjoy, the pleasure of overlapping orgasms.