When we feel the urge to pee, we may not choose to pee right then.  Instead, we may use our muscles to hold off from peeing.    We may need to devote some conscious thought to use those muscles. Such thoughts can take away from submerging ourselves in the pleasure we are feeling.  In this way, such thoughts may reduce our pleasure.


Also, the urge to squirt feels like the urge to pee. If you have had a pee just before you masturbate, you will know that this urge is the urge to squirt.  It is your body’s way of telling you that your body wants to squirt.


Peeing before masturbating frees you up from worrying about peeing.   If you do feel the urge to pee, you will recognize that your body wants to squirt.


With some of the more advanced techniques, beyond the Basic Technique, squirting is typically a byproduct.