Short answer: Yes.

And you can do something about your dizziness and/or shortness of breath.

With the Basic Technique (“BT”), when we breathe shallowly or we don’t breathe at all, we may get dizzy and/or light headed after an orgasm or two (or three).  This occurs naturally.

One’s breath and breathing is very important in the Basic Technique (“BT”).    Three BT elements deal with breath and breathing.


The first BT element that deals with breath and breathing is “L = Let go”.  Let go of your breath.  Breathe steadily, not holding your breath.

This may take some practice, as many of us have gotten into the habit of holding our breaths during masturbation.  With a little practice, this habit can be replaced with a habit of breathing easily and steadily.

The second BT element that deals with breath and breathing is “A = Announce”.

When you yell or scream to announce your orgasm, you force air out of your lungs, and then suck air back in.  Announcing enables you to recover your breath, and to reset your breathing.


The third BT element that deals with breath and breathing is “D = Deep”.

Take a few deep breaths when you initially experience overlapping orgasms.  Deep breaths reduce the intensity, and also enable you to recover your breath and to reset your breathing.  Deep breaths can be used at other times, too.

They are an important tool for you as you learn to manage both your breathing, and the intensity.

It can take a little while to change our habits, including the habit of breathing shallowly or not breathing at all during masturbation.

If you have such a habit, know that others have successfully changed this habit.  They have tended to make good progress in only a few masturbation sessions.

You can, too!