As we experience orgasm after orgasm using the Basic Technique (“BT”), both the intensity of pleasure and the heat we experience tend to grow and grow.  This is natural, and normal.

At first, the increased intensity of pleasure is welcome.  More pleasure!

Left unchecked, however, the intensity continues to grow to a level that may be unwelcome.  At such a level, the intensity may be simply too much to tolerate.

At this point, when the level of intensity has grown to be too much to tolerate, it is natural to stop masturbating.

Stopping masturbating is certainly one method to lower the intensity.

Stopping masturbating is typically our initial reaction to such overwhelming intensity.

Instead of stopping masturbating, however, we can learn to take other steps.

Taking such steps as breathing deeply, and easing off the pressure on our G-spot, enables us to manage the level of intensity.

Managing and controlling the intensity so that the level of pleasure is great, but not overwhelming, is the approach envisioned in the BT.