Last week’s blog entry disclosed that many who have experienced the Basic Technique (“BT”) report increased libidos.  No guarantee is made that your libido will increase as a result of using the BT.   Further, only 100+ women have used the BT to experience overlapping orgasms. This is not a large sample.

Most of the women who tried the BT continued to use it. Of those who have continued to use the BT, the majority reported changes in their libidos.  Specifically, they reported that their libidos increased substantially from before they starting using the BT.

Is this a scientific study?  No, not at all.   Still, perhaps you have a friend or family member who gave you the name of this website.  You might ask her what her own experience has been.  If she has been using the BT for more than a couple of weeks, she may report similar results – an increase in libido – to those reported by other women using the BT.