This week, the discussion of Ümit Sayin’s article is continued.

Table 5 of the article is titled “The Main characteristics of women with ESR and expanded orgasm experience”.   Acronyms in the article include:

  • ESR or Expanded Sexual Response
  • NESR or Non-Expanded Sexual Response

ESR Expanded Secual Response

One characteristic, in the third row of the left-hand column, is “The ESR women were able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer than the classical single orgasm and/or multiple orgasm patterns defined in the literature”.

In other words, ESR women have longer and/or more intense orgasms than non-ESR women.

This is also true of those who use the BT.

NESR Non-Expanded Sexual Response

Another characteristic, in the bottom row of the left-hand column, is “The libido of ESR women was very high compared to NESR women”.  This characteristic will be explored in a subsequent blog entry.

The characteristics shown in this table are the main characteristics of ESR women that the author identified.

They are not all the characteristics of the women who use the BT.   Future blog entries may address some of these other characteristics, including increased sexual confidence, and spontaneous orgasms.

It is suggested that you review the contents of Table 5 every so often during your first few weeks of using the BT.

ESR Orgasm Classification chart