Ümit Sayin, “DSM Controversies, Defining the Normal and the Paraphilia: Sexual Pleasure Objects, Fantasy, Variations, Soft-BDSM, ESR, Hypersexuality, Sex Addiction and Nymphomania”,
  • https://crimsonpublishers.com/fsar/fulltext/FSAR.000608.php

This week, the discussion of Ümit Sayin’s article is continued.

Figure 3 of the article contains a ‘staircase model’ of ESR or Expanded Sexual Response.

Several acronyms appear in the figure, including:

  • ASC or Altered State of Consciouness
  • CO or Clitoral Orgasm
  • VO or Vaginal Orgasm
  • BO or Blended Orgasm
  • SO or Status Orgasmus

The Basic Technique is used to experience overlapping orgasms or status orgasmus (“SO”), which appears on stair/level 8.

The Basic Technique (“BT”), and other, more advanced techniques, are used to experience the higher levels shown in this model.  (The other, more advanced techniques have been developed.

They have not yet been made available on this website.)

The level of those who experience overlapping orgasms for the first time using the BT typically ranges from 2 – 5.

A table in the article will be discussed in a subsequent blog entry.