The Basic Technique (“BT”) is about finding a new way to pleasure yourself.   This “journey” may involve finding your G-spot.  Many do not know where the G-spot is located.   So, one step along this journey is finding your G-spot.

Steps for finding your G-spot:

  1. Once you start an orgasm, ease your index and middle fingers into your vagina, with the palm of your hand facing upwards.  (Use just your index finger if only one finger fits easily.)
  2. With the tip(s) of your finger(s), rub or scrape one inch to four inches inside (2.5 to 10 cm).
  3. Feel for a patch of tissue that is about an inch or 2.5 cm in diameter
  4. The patch of tissue may feel bumpier and spongier than the surrounding tissue
  5. The patch of tissue may feel swollen or raised above the surrounding tissue
  6. The patch of tissue feels pleasurable to the touch of your finger(s)

Find it?  Congratulations!

Sometimes, it takes several tries using this method to locate one’s G-spot.   For each “try”, wait until you orgasm.  Your G-spot is much easier to find then.

Here is a link to another set of directions for finding your G-spot: